Jewellery Product Shoot



In March we were asked to provide body art for a jewellery product shoot for Shelley L Chalmers, who makes exquisite chain maille jewellery and accessories.
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Hi QBAS team
I am delighted with the outcome of the jewellery photoshoot done for me by QBAS members  – Simon (photographer), Anke and Sandra (artists) and models Christina and Jermia.
 Everything was professionally handled from start to finish,  with great attention to detail.   The team generated so much product over the course of a couple of hours.  They showed they are a team that works well (and has a fun)  together.   All the way along the team conferred with me to  see that everything was proceeding the way I wanted.    I was grateful they threw in many great ideas along the way.
I received proofs to review in an unbelieveably fast time and I was then able to confer with Simon in regard to any fine tuning as needed.
The photos look terrific and have given me some great promotion material!  I will definitely engage you again.    Thanks again for making the day so enjoyable and productive.

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