Anke Catesby – QBAS Co-Founder


After many years of painting nudes on traditional surfaces, Anke’s art now happens ON bodies.  Working on a living canvas opens up a lot of possibilities, as well as challenges.

After winning 1st place at the 2013 Australian Body Art Carnival in Eumundi, Anke decided to take up body painting professionally. She specialises in fine art painting, transformative personal photo sessions, and prenatal belly paintings. Anke enjoys live body painting demonstrations and it’s not unusual to see her painting models in front of audiences at art exhibitions, community art festivals, and underground music events.

There is nothing like painting human skin, the natural undulations of the human body give my art a depth that cannot be found on any other medium. The transformative powers to completely change someone make body painting not just a great experience for the model, but for me as well. “

Anke transforms people for fun, for photos, for events, or to commemorate special moments in life.

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