Cirque de Christmas 2019

2019 went by so very fast, before we knew it it was coming onto Christmas. There was plenty of body painting during the year with Supanovas, competitions and of course artists’ own business projects but QBAS had not had a painting meeting. Christmas was the obvious theme, this time with a circus twist. It was the first time in many years that the elusive Anke made an appearance. By now, many had thought her to be a figment of Sandra’s imagination.

Smaller turnout than we would have liked, it was still a fun way to see out the year. Many thanks to Melanie, Carleen, Sandra and Bronwen for painting, and to Mel, Simon, Jivka and Breanna for bringing it all to life, especially given the ghastly heat.

Also, thanks to Shaun Gibbs-Photography for allowing us to invade his space, and for capturing the usual madness.

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