Colours – March 2017

QBAS members painted up a storm at the first meeting for 2017. The theme was “Colours” where artists challenged themselves by limiting their pallette to one colour (plus white & black).

We’d like to thank our talented photographers for imortalising what would otherwise be lost down the shower drain. Photography by Brian from EllusionStudio and Rosemary/Graham from Greyrose Photographics.

Sandra Temple painted Steve White – Grey
Diana Ormston painted Christina – Red/pink,
Lorraine Halse-Smith painted Jivka – Green
Carleen Adorn painted Simon Lyell – Blue
Shelley Chalmers painted Carla Rose – Brown
Holly Hughes painted Talia Rose – Black
Nicola Cadiz painted Ann Lui – Yellow
Samm Starrs painter Jermia Turner – Purple
Melanie Hughes painted Anita Gibson – Turquoise

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