Fantasy Realm – June 2014

fantasy-realmWelcome to the world of the fey, the mythical and the arcane.

Our artists made fairytales come true at this QBAS meeting.

Sandra Temple painted Jo Sparrow (Unicorn)
Shelley L Chalmers painted Naomi Luck (Shield Maiden)
Anke Catesby painted Emelie Marlene (Warrior Elf)
Jasmine Phillips painted Georgina Condon (Medusa)
Charmaine Warpaint painted Grant (Gargoyle)
Marion Mitchell painted Simon Lyell (Ent)
Cathy Bell painted ZamĀ  (Wizard)
Carleen Adorn painted Senorita Bonita (Naughty Fairy)
Lorraine Halse-Smith painted Leanne Donovan (Phoenix)

Visiting photographer: Rosemary Beard of GreyRose Photography

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