Heroes & Villians – 2014

heroesCharacters from graphic novels, Marvel, DC, and others are always popular in the costuming world.  A popular twist is to have the costume painted on.  Of course our artists couldn’t resist the challenge to create their favourite hero or villian.


Sandra Temple painted Simon Lyell (Night Crawler)
Shelley L Chalmers painted Eric Richman (Black Bolt)
Anke Catesby painted Leanne Donovan (Queen Bee)
Melanie Hughes painted Peter Hartwig (The Thing)
Kelli MacAlpine painted Emelie Marlene (Saturn Girl)
Marion Mitchell painted Naomi Luck (Storm)
Cathy Bell painted Sharon Doxey (Dark Phoenix)
Lorraine Halse-Smith painted Brad Whitehead (The Green Lantern)
Carleen Adorn painted Christina Stamper (Madam Viper)
Robyn Janetzki painted Lachlan Dalby (The Riddler)
Deb Richie painted Jo Sparrow (Harley Quinn)
Samm Starrs painted Julia Puckeridge (Lava Girl)

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