Supanova – Brisbane 2015

supanova2015We do love our popular culture characters, so Supanova is right down our alley.  The QBAS stand drew plenty of attention as our artists transformed models into characters during their live body painting demonstrations.

It didn’t take long before our models wrecked a fair bit of havoc once they were released among the public.








Sandra Temple painted Eric Richman as Borg, Annie as Lady Thor, Zam as Groot, Georgina as Rocket
Kelli McAlpine painted Simon Lyell as Mad Hattr and       as  Cheshire Cat
Anke Catesby painted Kristin Jane as Hellboy (genderswap)
Amanda Rodgers painted Eric Richman as Deadpool, and Erica Jones as Punisher (genderswap)
Lorraine Halse-Smith painted Phoenix
Cathy Bell painted Simon Lyell as Nux


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