Supanova – Gold Coast 2017

Creativity meets enthusiasm. Our artists transform the models, who then portray their characters much to the public’s delight. Supanova Gold Coast was a hoot. Special mention and thank you to our inexaustible assistant Jitarah Church.



5 artists (1 assistant) – 10 models on Day 1 – “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe””

She-Ra/ Ellie painted by Shelley L Chalmers
Prince Adam/ Simon painted by Tracy Church
Beastman/ Grant painted by Shelley L Chalmers
Hordak/ Callan painted by Cintah Huch
Cringer/ Eric painted by Sandra Temple
Catra/ Kristin painted by Holly Hughes
Evil-Lyn/Naomi painted by Holly Hughes
Sorceress/ Jivka painted by Tracy Church


Then 6 artists (1 assistant) and 11 models on Day 2 (plus a few private clients thrown in for good measure) – “Watchmen”  “Toy Story”

Shelley Chalmers painted Callan/Buzz Lightyear,
Cintah Hutch painted Raechel/BoPeep,
Holly Hughes painted Natalya/Jesse,
Nadia Vanek painted Eric/Woddy,
Tracy Church painted Ellie/Exercise Barbie,
Tracy Church painted Grant/StinkyPete

Cintah Hutch painted Dr Manhatten/Leon
Sandra Temple painted Ozymandias/Jivka
Shelley Chalmers painted Comedian/Kristin
Sandra Temple painted Nightowl/Simon
Holly Hughes painted Silk Spectre/Tanith
Nadia Vanek painted Sillouette/Naomi

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