Undead Dinner Party – Halloween 2013

undead“The Countess von Acrimosa invites you to share in an evening of Victorian splendour, to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of her dear Count’s staking ‘accident’. Dinner will be a formal affair held at Moments in Vintage, Northgate.”

After all, just because you’re dead, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the finer things in life.


It didn’t take much to entice 11 Brisbane body painters and their models to fire up their imagination, dust off their glad rags and paint up a storm at Moments in Vintage, Northgate. Inspired by the amazing vintage furniture, each artist was teamed up with a model and a character to suit the theme.

Furniture and set props: Moments in Vintage – Vintage Furniture & Decor Hire
Artists and models: Sandra Temple painted Christina Stamper (Countess)
Shelley L Chalmers painted Eric Richman (Pharaoh Mummy)
Anke Catesby painted Joanna Eckersley Sparrow (Female Mummy)
Melanie Hughes painted Peter Hartwig (Goblin waiter)
Assorted artists painted Anthony Maitre (Igor)
Marion Mitchell painted Cathrine Hargraves (Igorina)
Christopher Arthy painted Simon Lyell (Zombie)
Cathy Bell painted Sharon Doxey (Mrs Zombie)
Lorraine Halse-Smith painted Leanne Donovan (Witch)
Carleen Adorn painted Jo Spooner (Queen Mary’s head on a platter)
Robyn Janetzki painted Michael Janetzki (Frankenstein)

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